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Multi functions system
controls your computer at a distance by a telephone system


JPM 128
Miltichannel Player
128 stereo audio channels


Audio Drive
A simple solution
for sound automation



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Jpm 128 St Player Audio Machine is the unique and innovative.
It was passed and studied in cooperation
with the Music Services Structure of RTI (Mediaset Group).

JPM 128 ST makes reproduction up to 128 audio files that can be programmed on four groups combined; they are indispensable for tv audio direction, radio, studio production, etc.

With JPM Audio Machine, you can carry out several projects, each of which with 128 audio channels available for transmitting .

You can extract audio files from a project and insert them in another .
You can create a network with a data bank which you can access for the creation of projects etc.

It's enough to have a pc, a dedicated card, a midi keyboard and, first of all, Jpm!
You can use up to 128 real time audio channels to record effects, jingles, advertisements etc.
With jpm you can listen to the audio files inserted and access it immediately!

The system works with Microsoft Windows, and a home user version is available as well as a amateur user's version, in accordance with your requests 8-16-32 and 128 audio channels that can all be controlled by the pc keyboard with the help of your computer's sound card.

Jpm is used with satisfaction in the most important tv shows of Mediaset networks such as: Le Iene; Passaparola, Meteore e Matricole; Sarabanda etc.


jpm 128

Functions and characteristics
  • Management of musical contributions (jingles, effects, backgrounds, noises applause etc) up to 128 channels midi keyboard.
  • Distribution of the files into 4 groups 3 of which are start, stop, fade and the other is a multi tone.
  • The main parameters are: start, loop, stop, fade, pitch, volume, play hold, speed.
  • Position graphic editor internally.
  • Distribution of 4 outputs for each file.
  • To distribute and to modify parameters for one or more audio files (slot) simultaneously.
  • Export audio files to the external editor.
  • Personalization of colours.
  • Project:
    creation of programs up to 128 audio files on the hard disk or on the lan network.
  • No limits on project
    each project identifies a tv show, radio show, affect for djs etc.
  • Reproduction of files through a midi keyboard
    you can assign an audio file to each key up to 128 key.
    A file can be assigned to more than one key even with different audio settings (velocity, volume etc.)
  • Assignable parameters for each file
    midi note ore number key on midi keyboard ­ name of the file, volume, pitch, connection, release, kind of sound bed out audio (depended on audio card) Play from, play to, loop start, play hold.
  • Assignment of midi files: through midi note (midi keyboard) or mouse (through keyboard window).

Sound parameters of audio files are assigned through the "General Audio" panel settings. There are 4 groups divided in:

  • Group from 1 to 3: fade or exclusion group max 2 files for each group on play.
    It's necessary that the Fade is active to have 2 files on play otherwise the play of audio files can stop immediately the files on play in the same group.
  • Group 4 Multi tones/Multi play up to 12 audio files simultaneously.

The groups from 1 to 3 are groups of exclusion or Cross fade and exactly:

  • Exclusion (deactivated fades): if a file of the group is playing, the pressure on midi key, with a file of the same group will stop the file immediately and the Play of the selected file and it will not reproduce two incompatibles files at the same time during a transmission/production.
  • Cross fade: (activated fade) it will cross fade the two audio files at that time in execution.
    Ex: audio for a fashion show , theatrical performance etc.
Minimum requirements

Minimum requirements
Midi keyboard, windows 200 xp processor Pentium 350 unit cd Rom, graphics card SVGA
(resolution 10240x768 65 356 colours) 256 mb RAM.

For professional use we need two or more audio doors.
you must to install Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP and an audio card with driver WDM.

Available versions

JPM32, JPM61, JPM128


audio player machine jpm 128



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